Foes Racing Updates Mixer Frame for 2023

The revamped 2023 Mixer

We designed the Mixer for anyone who wants a high quality, USA-made, enduro bike that can handle anything from steep rocky descents to full day rides with lots of climbing. We want our customers to care about the quality of their bikes as much as we do. That is why we hand-form, weld, heat treat, machine, assemble, and individually check all of our bikes in southern California.

The Mixer’s mixed wheel configuration is here to stay


• Improved cornering: Due to the smaller rear wheel tracking in a tighter radius than the 29” front wheel, cornering is more predictable.

• Better descending and roll-over capabilities: The higher front axle allows for faster transfer of weight off the front wheel. The superior rollover capabilities of the 29” wheel carries momentum over difficult terrain. The rear wheel tracks along because of momentum and is less likely to get hung up on the trail.

• Stiffer rear end: 27.5” wheels are stiffer and stronger than 29”ers, which leads to a more confidence-inspiring ride.

• Greater clearance: For shorter riders, most 29” frames can get a little cramped when trying to ride aggressively. The extra clearance from having a 3/4″ lower axle from the 27.5″ wheel in the rear gives you a roomier ride.

• More playful and better acceleration: The smaller radius of the 27.5” wheel, which also affects acceleration, reduces the gyroscopic forces felt by the rider in the air.

The Mixer received a new, hydroformed toptube and a redesigned downtube for 2023. Both features, paired with our Delta Box, which surrounds the bottom bracket, increase the rigidity and stiffness of the frame while looking great in the process. We redesigned the internal cable system to utilize removable cable guides, this will make internal cable routing a painless process. The rear triangle features a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger to make the hunt for replacement parts as easy as possible.

The mixer features replaceable ISCG-05 tabs and the Delta Box increases stiffness in the front triangle.

The rear dropout is SRAM UDH compatible.


2023 Mixer Geometry Diagram
bigquotes“The new Mixer is one of my favorite frames to build. It has challenged me as a builder and a designer. My goal with this frame has been to utilize the mixed wheel setup to build a bike that handles well in any situation!”
-Brent Foes

The Mixer utilizes the Foes signature modified single-pivot, low leverage suspension design. We believe our design offers better ride quality, prolongs service life, and simplifies the bike, giving you more time riding and less in the shop. The frame runs a metric 230×65 shock which gives you 165mm of travel at the rear axle. The frame is designed to run either a 160 or 170mm fork, depending on ride style and personal preference.

We build all our frames to-order so you can choose the look and setup that suits you. We can pair your frame with your choice of fork and shock combination.Our frames start out raw, but you can customize your ride with a wide range of custom paint colors and decals. The Mixer frame is available factory direct or through our dealers worldwide.

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Photo Credit and Article Written by Korban Williams PinkBike, Instgram