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Foes E-Ticket

$5,199 Frame with Shimano STEPS and shock.

Due to the global pandemic Shimano EP8 electric motors are currently unavailable due to extraordinarily long lead times. We are currently unable to accept new orders until further notice.

Behold the all new e-bike from Foes, the E-Ticket. Conjuring up the thrill from “back in the day” of saving your coupons for the good rides at your favorite theme park. Imagine Brent Foes savy and suspension wizardry unleashed on an e-bike… This is definitely an E-Ticket ride!

The E-Ticket utilizes Brent Foe’s proven mixed wheel design and Shimano’s unmatched STEPS electric bike platform for an unstoppable rig. One of the only truly MADE IN USA ebikes.


  • 160mm of rear wheel travel
  • The E-Ticket features a red flip chip on the swing link.
    • The High position features a 65.5° head angle and 13.625″ Bottom Bracket height.
    • The Low position features a 64.5° head angle and 13.25″ Bottom Bracket height.
  • Double-Row Full Max Main Pivot Bearings
  • 2.4  :  1  Rising Rate leverage ratio
  • Mixed Wheel design raises the front axle, which makes the front of the bike feel lighter when it comes to clearing obstacles.
  • Cornering speed is increased because of the 2 wheel sizes. Wheels rotate in different arcs so the back wheel always tracks the front wheel’s path.
  • Acceleration is increased as chain stay length is shorter than 29” rear wheel models.
  • The E-Ticket is a combination of CNC machined components and our exclusive hydroformed parts utilizing 6061 T6 aircraft alloy. All frames are hand welded, heat treated, machined and checked for alignment before being assembled right here in our factory.


Pricing and specifications subject to change.

We have you covered with a 5 year warranty.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

All of our bicycles always have and always will be made in the United States of America. We take extreme pride in supporting our red, white, and blue.