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Foes Shaver 29 – By Gary Loewen

Gary Loewen's Foes Shaver 29

Wanted to say thank you to Daniel Burt and Brent Foes for the Shaver 29er I took delivery of this November. The bike is far better than I expected in performance and craftsmanship, and when I say craftsmanship, I mean CRAFTSMANSHIP. I have never had so many riders comment about a bike ever! Here is my rider’s review of this bike.

I am fortunate enough to live just one block from the trailhead and this allowed me the opportunity to compare this bike directly to my all mountain 26er with 6 inches of travel. I tested the bikes back to back in timed descents, the Shaver 29 made it is less time with ease over my 26er, and I mean with ease.

The rear suspension on the Shaver 29 can be adjusted and fine tuned far beyond anything else I have ridden. The Shavers 2.3: 1 suspension ratio amplifies the adjustment on the rear shock. There is an obvious difference between climb, trail, and descend. The way you always knew it should be.

The bike inspires confidence when the speeds are high and the trails are rough. I spend a great deal of time riding down steep rock steps, bolder roll offs, and spider walls. This bike does far better than my 6 inch travel bike in all these situations. And I NEVER missed the travel dropping from 160mm to the 140mm the Shaver 29 has. The reason is the big wheels; they take a huge bite out of the bumps and rocks on the trails.

This bike climbs very well. A small shift of weight forward and you are climbing the steepest of hills. The second day of riding and I successfully climbed two steep sections of technical accents that I never made on my 26er.

If you are thinking of getting a Foes bike you will not be disappointed!